Should I Text My Ex?

So I was seeing this guy for three months but we never really established what was going on. We both were exclusive and weren't seeing anyone else but never really talked about it except one time when he called me his girlfriend when he was drunk. About a month ago he told me he wanted to break it off before it became serious. I was fine with that and thought that we broke up for other reasons. Then last week I ran into him at a bar with my friend (he never met anyone I knew but I met his parents and his friends) that he never met and she introduced herself and he said hi I'm blah blah blah her ex. I was somewhat chocked that he refered to it that way. Later that night he texted me saying he misses me and wants to start over but he was drunk so we talked the next day and said he did miss me but that it didn't workout the first time so it probably won't work a second. He said it was because there seemed to be no want or drive to talk and that we ended up not connecting. I was pretty closed off and would never really have true conversations because I didn't know what was really going on and felt uncomfortable. Now the problem is that I realized that I did that and want to talk it over. I realize I can't expect him to want to see me again but I don't know if I should text him or not. It's just been over a week since I ran into him and ever since it's been bothering me and I don't know what to say. Any ideas on what I should say if anything. The main reason I didn't talk to him much was because I didn't want to bother him if he didn't see it as anything, I slept over at his parents house most weekends but felt like a long lasting one night stand which is why I felt so uncomfortable around people he knew. We went out on dates and His office party but near the end we always just hung out with his friends every weekend. I don't want to sound desperate or needy but I want to say it so I don't regret not saying anything and it working out or just getting it off my chest.


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  • I dont really understand , what do you want to tell him?


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