Is my ex girlfriend butt hurt?

So I dated a girl i met online for 2yrs.. since the start she was a liar she had a husband i didn't knew about and would sleep with me while he was at work and had 2 kids that she denied to me that those kids weren't hers, she even faked a pregnancy on me for no reason and then said she lost it.

During the 2yrs I called her at random times and had 4 different guys pick up the phone, i went to her house one night and her baby daddy opened the door on me with a baseball bat in hand.

I never treated her bad i made her my priority i helped her and her kids, took her to work, always took her flowers, made her breakfast, gave her all my time..

She always claimed to love me yet her behavior showed the opposite every time she would screw up and we argued she would tell me she wants me to get away and then come crawling back.

So i finally called it off she said she would respect it but she keeps calling me daily or sending me emails, changing her email profile pic to hateful quotes, sarcastic quotes saying "blah blah blah ;)"

Is she hurt?
If she wanted the space why is she looking for me?


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  • She still wants you but she knows she doesn't deserve you so she's trying to leave you alone, even though it's hurting her

    • You think someone like her deserves a 2nd chance? I gave her plenty and she keeps on playing with me -_- i caught her talking to another guy online I don't know if they saw each other bc when i got on her badoo account the guy messaged me on her account telling her "don't worry i know you got caught but i didn't tell your bf nothing after you texted me and warned me he was on your account'

      She would delete every conversation they had, she knew locations about motels where you only go and rent by the hour to have sex.. she denies everything shady she ever does

    • She doesn't deserve you. You should try to move on and find someone who isn't shady with you

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