What should I do?

my gf broke up 3 weeks ago after 4.5 months relationship. It was not long but intense. I really love her and when she broke up she said she still loves me too.
it was very suddenly. nothing bad happend, we never argued or fighted. she even wrote a beautiful love letter a week before break up.
it would make sense if there was another guy. but I know there is noone.
She suddenly said: there is missing something that the love is perfect. She doesn't know what... Im confused.
She had said Im the one she wants to marry one day and be together forever but suddenly she said Im not what she is looking for anymore...;(

We haven't had contact for 2 weeks now. I know I could wait forever but she won't contact me. she is too proud and stubborn.
I think about to write her a letter or show up as a surprise. just to talk and to see each other.


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  • Or you can just move on withbyou life. She wasn't your one, you weren't together for a long time. Just move on


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