Girls please help me I'm really confused... ?

Well I know that you know I love you too. Ending this was one of the hardest things I've had to do since you mean so much to the boys and I. If we were in the same place things would have been diffrent... I don't think I screwed up. I think that this whole situation we put ourselves through was screwed up considering we both knew the outcome the whole time. I don't like that we're not going to be together but I can't think that the decision was bad. There were too many people invested in a relationship that you made very clear you weren't ready for. You know since I wanted more than what you were ready for. And dragging you and the boys this whole time assuming or hoping something would magically change was naive on my part... I don't know at this point I feel like I'm rambling. The point is I miss you and this sucks. This is what I got from my ex she broke the no contact rule after 3 days after we broke up. She wanted me to come over and had sex and she said she misses me.
I'm really confused about all of this please help me


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  • If there was ever any true love (& children between you), you should never split up. People have fights all the time, including married, engaged, dating couples, politicians, random strangers on the street etc.

    I don't understand North America's obsession with separation/divorce? Whatever happened to sticking it out through thick & thin, for better and for worse... true unconditional love that doesn't expect to receive but is only eager and happy to give.. and true love would definitely make you stay with her instead of going some place else or vice versa.

    Where I come from divorce/separation is only an option if there is continuous infidelity or physical abuse. Otherwise, everything else could be forgiven, we are human and humans make mistakes.

    If you truly have picked a rotten egg.. most likely due to inexperience or marriage/relationship at a young age, you would not refer to her the way you are. My opinion, get over whatever stupid rules you both created to avoid each other when all you want to do is be together; create rules to be together and work things out.

    If you both truly love each other, you'll figure it out and learn to forgive each other.

    • We don't have kids together she has kids throught a diffrent marriage.

    • I don't know, seems like you're a stand-up guy. I am sensing she is more confused than you are about the relationship. You should talk to her about her true reasoning behind not wanting to make this work. If it's out of being selflessness/love etc. give it another go; if not (e. g. she wants to see if she can do better than you financially etc.) then let her go she probably doesn't deserve a man willing to raise another man's kids as his own.

    • It's she wants to get marryed and I don't at this point in time and she wants to move in with me and it's only been 2 years. She says that I said that I'm not ready for that kind of stuff yet or that's what I told her

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  • Only you know how you feel about this girl. If you really love her, then go be with her. If you don't feel that she loves you back then sit down and talk with her and find out exactly what she wants. Neither one of you is psychic, so talk things out and clarify.. Good luck to you!

    Oh, and no sex until this thing is resolved. It would only make things more complicated.

  • I am sure she missed you but it seems like she still think you should not be together, so basically she just wanted sex.

  • Confusion is terrible! Worst feeling ever. First I need to know how you feel towards her. Do you love her? Do you want her? Was the break up mutual?

    • Yes I love her, and yes I want her and kind of.

    • Then communicate back. This may clear the haze the confusion has caused. Speak to her in person. This way you can both read each other's body language. Very important!

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