Ex broke no contact after cutting me out. What do I think of this?

My ex and I split up six months ago. The few times we've tried to talk haven't ended well. Finally she sent me a message that said it would be too difficult to be friends and that we should move on. We were together for over six years. I didn't hear from her for a while and then she emailed me about sending her some items that belonged to her. I sent them and that was that. Weeks later, she sends me another email about how she cannot find certain items I sent her. I told her where they were in the box and she says "Oh man! I totally missed that! Lol thank you." The funny part about it is that the only way you couldn't find those items is if you flat out didn't open the box. I'm not stupid. She was looking for an excuse if you ask me. So, I fell victim to impulse and messaged her asking how she was. She responded, said she wasn't doing too great, but got a new job and moved to a different place. Then she asked me how I was. I told her how I was doing and she responded again. It's been civil, and nice. I'm confused though. She cut me out, and didn't want to be my friend. Now all of a sudden she's beig nice and I don't understand. I don't know what her dating or relationship life is like, and she hasn't mentioned a boyfriend yet, but I'd wait because that's her style. She warms up to you before the bombs drop. I know her pretty well, but no mention of it yet. What should I think about this, and what is she up to?


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  • She is having a dry spell. She wants or needs someone to communicate with right now. What ever the reason she broke up with you (another guy) didn't play out the way she thought. You are familiar and comfortable to her. When she finds someone else she'll disappear Again. You are convenient right now.

    • That's pretty selfish and shallow

    • Yes it, and men and women do it everyday. It doesn't make it right.

    • Not at all. No one should do that to anyone.

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  • She sounds like any other woman. She wants to tell you that she can't friends with, she can only have a relationship but like any other woman she wants you to fight for her BIG TIME. If she hadn't contacted you for something so random she wouldn't be interested in you. But that's my opinion off course :-)

    • We've done this before. Over the years, she's dumped me three different times over her issues. Last time I really thought that was it. She told me she didn't want to be my friend and that we should move on. I did that, and now that I'm almost out of the woods, she's talking to me. I'm very confused.

    • Three good messages. Day two no response.

  • Wait for more... To early to tell and it could lead to her falling for you agin if she hasn't already...

    • Yea I'm not jumping to conclusions yet. She didn't respond to my last message, but it's only been a day.

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    • I won't.

    • Nothing yet. This doesn't make sense. One minute she's talkingn and the next, poof!

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