Guys, I think it's time for me to leave my boyfriend. Do I explain why or is it best to be silent and cut all communication?

After several instances that have caused me to believe he is cheating or not committed I think what I need to do is leave. I give more in this relationship and I love him so much but I'm not confident that he feels the same for me.
Do I just move on without trying to talk about it? I mean what is talking going to change?


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  • I think you are correct in just leaving...

    It sounds like he does not communicate well with you or make an effort, so why make the effort yourself and expend all that energy!

    If he flips out... just say... well now you know how I feel! You neglect me... why should I not extend you the same courtesy?

    If he has been pretty much ignoring you, and you go to talk to him... it is like your giving him a chance to bail himself out... if you think he is cheating or has cheated on you, then don't bother letting him give you a bunch of BS and talk his way out, that's undeserving!

    Sometimes just leaving can speak many more volumes than trying to open the conversation. It states to him that your still in control of your half of the relationship, that you're independent and you can just leave anytime you feel like it. Tells him if you're going to be a cheating pile of sludge and non-committal, then go have fun... I. am not here for you to fall back on! Later douche bag... without so much as a good-bye!

    Just leaving can have more of an impact then telling him... sometimes silence is golden!

    • Thanks for the MHO... hope you find someone that you can truly be happy with and will treat you the way you should be treated!

      Cheers :)

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What Guys Said 2

  • I think you tell him it's over, but you don't -have- to go into why.

    You can just say you don't feel the same any more, and wish him well.

    If he asks 'was it this' was it that, you can just say 'that may have been a part of it, but i'm not sure'.

  • Of course tell him, it's stupid to leave him hanging like that.


What Girls Said 2

  • Best thing to do is return any of his stuff, retrieve any of yours, then inform him he's used up all your good faith - say goodbye & act like he doesn't exist.
    Don't give him anymore free chances, if he's aware you know his habits he'll just switch then around until he thinks you're comfortable again.

    • That's the hard part, moving on without him like he doesn't exist. How can I be that strong?

    • Set yourself to it, even on the hard days don't fall into the weakness & comfortability of having him around. The trade of just isn't worth it to your self esteem.

  • just do it.


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