I don't want to make a mistake by breaking up with my bf but I'm getting mixed signals, what should I do to be confident in making a decision?

4 months into our relationship and I'm making a list...
Cons- Borrows $ whn he makes more $ thn I do, expects me to wait on him whn he is at my house, I watch his son for him, he gives me crap about being married before & about my son but says he is joking. whn we fight he talks to his exes, he doesn't show me he loves me in his actions. When I get mad and want to end things he Doesn't fight to keep me in his life.
Pros- good sex, massages my whole body because he wants to. He is very passionate & kisses my forehead, cheeks, my head and my hands so sweetly when I least expect it. Tells me I am beautiful all the time and compliments me often. He calls & texts me all day just to check on me. He stays the night & doesn't stay just for sex, we often don't even have sex.

He recently made the decision to try to get accepted into the navy seals. I wasn't even a factor in the decision making process. But his kid wasn't either... Is he depressed?
Do I leave him or stay to try to help him?


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  • He needs ;more than you can give, professional help. See if you can get him to go in that direction.


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  • It sounds like he's a good guy to have a physical relationship with but not so great in the long term or real life sector. The money thing would reeeeeeally bother me. You've only been together a few months! And then that he puts you down about your kid too... Those are pretty fun dementia things.

    I think you have to either start looking at how to fix these things or how to move on from him.


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  • I mean he haves ti have two oersonalities


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