Is she done with our relationship or what? Has she lost attraction for me?

Ok so me and my girlfriend or ex had had a lot of turbulence lately in our relationship. I broke it off with her for a week, and then called her to get back together. So I called up, went over to her place, had sex and went out for dinner. Instead of straightforward getting back together as we normally do, I only casually proposed we are back together but she said we fight and it doesn't work out. Eventually we debate for a little while and she says she needs some space. I then tell her I can't see you unless we are together. That night I text, "lemme know if you decide to come around before its too late" she then texts back "I need to sort herself out first". I gave her some space for a coupe days till I flat out went on weakness rampage.. sending her pitiful "take me back" texts and calls while she was asleep middle of the night. I promised things will be different and stuff. Next morning she sends me an essay saying that she still loves me but can't forget all the bad things I did to her.. says she still there for me.. Eventually I end up sleeping and comforting her again and assumed we are on good terms now. she has been depressed, sleeping a lot, and tired lately from school and work. After I leave, I send her a text that would let her know im not the clingy type.

"I tell her its ok if you still dont want to be with me.. You owe me nothing"

Which is a contradiction to my earlier pity messages saying the she should give me a chance like I gave her when she begged to get back-together after a previous breakup

So basically I need to decipher her response

"Thank You. I appreciate you saying that"... then she commented on my irrelevant funny meme

Does she not want me anymore or does she need personal space? Should I ask her where we stand now? Or let some time pass by and see what happens

Mind you, this is not the type of girl to hurt anyone or do anything malicious. She has many times in the past expressed love and called me a drug as to how I make her feel.


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  • You def need to give her space and let her sort things out. You calling and begging to get back then telling her its ok to take her time then begging her again only pushes her away. You have to have patience. At the end of the day you ended it and most people take break ups seriously. Maybe YOU need to figure out what you want as well. Take this time to figure it all out. I would also refrain from having sex (easier said than done, i know) because it confuses things. If you both still want to work things our they will.


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  • I think you need to actually give her space. Remember. You're the one that ended it. You don't get to just do that to her and expect her to just take you back like that. If you want any hope of a future with her, you'll leave her alone for a while. And not just a few days like the last time. I'm talking a long time. Long enough time for her to figure her stuff out without you influencing it.

    It also seems like you are just as confused as she is. Maybe you need the space as much as she does


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  • Girls are so complicated... Just give her space but if you realize she starts dating other people she probably doesn't like you anymore. And keep sending funny memes it will make her laugh which undepress her little by little

  • You are the one who ended it... dude.. now you have to have some patience... Give her some space...
    Now i dont know what hurt you had caused her but if you want her back... just go to her place.. give her some flowers and cute things and tell her that you were being an ass or something... And that you eant to make it work and that she should give you a last chance... And if she takes you back don't repeate the mistakes you did in past


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