How many of you have stayed with someone you love after adultery and how has it turned out?

My wife and I have been together 6 years now married for two. A year into our realionship while pregnant with our first kid she cheated on me for a monthwhile she was working over nights on a Walmart remodel. This was before I assumed her to marry me. She waited to tell me till our 5th year together and pregnant with kid number 2. I was devastated, I've always treated her with respect, been supportive, and loyal. As a matter of fact, anyone who I had talked to for more than 5mins knew how lucky I felt and how proud of my family I was. And how great of a person my wife was... So, sense I had started my life and family with her thinking the whole time she was someone else I couldn't bring myself to leave them. We've been to Councling and she quit her job while the baby is Brest feeding, so agree took any temptation out of her day to day life. Soooooo no more cheating. But I have no idea once she goes back to work if she will again. I've a cheater always a cheater?
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What Girls Said 1

  • Who really knows? Many do it over and over; some don't.


What Guys Said 2

  • In my experience cheaters normally cheat again, not always but often. They normally also cheated more than they are telling you they are just going to tell you the ones you find out about or when they are trying to upset you. Chances are she will cheat again.

  • Hard to answer this question without knowing what she gave you for a reason for doing it or how she acted when she told you. I would like nothing more than say it was an isolated thing but isolated incidents don't last for a month. If it were me I would expect it to happen again based on what you have said in your question the details are limited


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