Is he lying? Would you be offended?

Hello, I had a thing with this guy for 2 months. It was mostly online because he was busy but we hung out twice. We talked almost everyday in Facebook for hours. He ended it with me. 1 month later I run into him at the gym. I notice he keeps staring at me. I waved and he smiled back. He kept staring at me and I was only 15 or so feet away from him. I sent him a message a few days later and he told me he didn't recognize me. Am I wrong to be offended here? Just a month earlier we discussed how much we liked each other.
Thanks! I knew he was lying!


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  • that would be weird if he honestly did not recognize you

    • Thanks. I could understand if I was trying to hide from him but I was waving. Plus we met at the gym so he has seen me there before.

    • yeah its possible though if you changed your hair or lost some weight/look in much better shape since the last time he saw you. but I assume you see him there on a regular basis

    • It was only one month after.

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  • He's obviously lying, you have a right to be offended. It sounds like he's trying to avoid any conflict.

    • That's what I thought. When I said I was offended he said I was overreacting. He told me he had feelings for me just a month earlier.

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