Why do we always want what we can't have?

I broke up with my ex but over a month ago. Still moving on from her. She has moved on to another partner about 4 weeks after we broke up which seemed quick but her choice and I respect that. We broke up on good terms no bad blood and she wanted to be friends but I said not till we have completely moved on from each other. We haven't spoke in like 3 weeks which I'm okay with too. Anyway we are done and dusted and probably won't ever get back together. I'm okay with that though just trying to find closure is the hardest thing haha. I know I don't consciously want her back and if we were together I wouldn't be that happy if we were together but why is it I'm having moments that I feel I would like to have her around? It's not like I'm obsessing over her and I know I definitely don't need her but why does this sensation overcome me when I've already come to grips we are obey?
Over* not obey


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  • Totally normal. You are lonely and you miss the feelings you had with her. When you meet another girl your feelings for her will soon be just a memory.

    • Yeah that's true I'm dealing with it fairly well now which is good. Always makes it harder knowing they have moved on before you have. But I guess one of us have to

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