Why tf does he want me to be in his life? why does he constantly get mad at me for what I did when he left me?

My ex bf of 2 years left me for a girl at his job. I no at the beginning of are relationship I was a bit of a butt whole to him but I never cheated I was just a little rude. I didn't really no if he was like other guys or if he was really for me but we got past all that. At the end of are relationship he left for the girl at his job he tried to be friends but I was to pissed, hurt, angry and I hated him.1 month after we broke up he had his sister text me to see how I was doing. Then another month later he had her text me again then he called me that same night. We talked all night I thought I was over him but I wasn't we were eachothers first everything so yeah I was messed up but I played it cool. He told me he was still with the girl an that he misses me and dreams about me. Saying he thinks about me too much. at the same time he yelled at me a little because he found out I had relations with another guy 2 months after he left me. I don't no why he was mad but he was. The next day I seen him and he couldn't let me go kept hugging me. He told me at that moment he would leave her for me and won't ever hurt me again. Then when I went home he started comparing himself to the guy I was dating and saying how he gonna play me and acting so jelouse were he started crying because how I treated him at the beginninG saying how he loved me so muc. he told me he was done with her and he wanna go slow with me. The next day he picked me up and we talked and made love. Ino stupid me right We talked that night. The next day he came by and kept holding me saying how he Loves me. Then he switched and said he wanna be friends. Then he tells me im his forever was so devastated I cried hard after everything he did to me. He leaves me again. I told him leave me alone now he confused. So I told him bye and now he won't leave me alone. But he wants me to stay in his life why For what reason? Gets mad at everything I did when he left me Why? I'm so freaking confused. But I'm just so hurt right n
Please explain to me why all this is happening. Don't say let him go I just need to no what is wrong with him? He crys to me about our past and just creep stuff? I'm been emotionally messed up


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  • After careful consideration of your explanation of events, I think he has a mental disorder. Most likely he is bi-polar or has some variant of borderline personality disorder.

    I can't really say much more than that he needs to see a psychiatrist and take any prescribed medication.

    You are extending your feelings to him like a normal person, except that he isn't normal, so its going to tear you up a lot inside. Taking a step back and seeing him as a nutjob will help you think and act in ways that are more condusive to your own emotional health.

    I am serious though, he should consult a doctor.

    • Lol yeah something isn't right he just won't let me go And I can't either it kills me inside.. why do you think he doing all this when he has a gf

    • Well, I'm by no means an expert on mental health so my opinion isn't necessarily really that good here...

      I think when the brain has unbalanced endorphins/hormones/chemicals the person may feel sudden onsets of, well, depends what he's sick with, how long, and why - but he could very easily see no hope in the relationship and have feelings of anxiety, then when the chemical balance in his head is the other way, he'll suddenly "come to" and see it the other way. Adding a gf is probably the result of the emotional rollercoaster he's on and depending what version of him was active that day he probably wanted her as an emotional opiat to whatever he was going through.

      Honestly I don't know, I'm not a doc, I just know a little. He really has to see a professional for you to know. Of course those records are confidential, so he would have to share the results with you.

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