How do I tell Mr. Perfect that I'm not interested?

So I have been on three amazing dates with this man. He is perfect and I can't find anything negative to say about him except that's he is perfect. Despite the fact that he has no flaws I just don't think we have a chemistry, I don't want to text him, I'm not interested in his life and I have no butterflies- plus I don't care about how he sees me, and usually I care a lot if a man thinks I'm hot or not. So how do I tell him it's not working? I've never been the one to end a "relationship" and he deserves to know. I've been kind of bitch towards him, I haven't texted him or initiated anything hoping that he would get the message. But I know how much it hurts when someone just decides to disappear so I have to talk to him. Please help me..


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  • Just tell him! "You're a really great guy, I've enjoyed our time together, but I am not feeling the chemisty. I hope you understand, all the best :)"

    Sure, it'll suck, but at least you've been honest and straightforward about it.

    • That's actually a really good answer thank you so much!

    • You're welcome... maybe you should thank all the girls who've sent me that text? LOL/FML

    • Oh no haha, I'm thanking you now :D

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  • I think it's best if you just tell him. It can be painful not knwing where you stand with your "partner".
    After all, honesty IS best policy. ;)

    • I know it's just really hard.

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    • I know you're right. I'll do it then. Thank you so much! :-)

    • @asker No problem. :)

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  • If he see u as a bitch he's not mr perfect

    • He doesn't think I'm a bitch, I think I'm a bitch.

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    • It's ok if you don't find you attracted to him 2 have 2 choise ignore him or tell him in good way that you are not attracted to him

      There was a girl all the guys was after her and she was after me I didn't feel I'm attracted to her that could happen

      I suggest you tell him in good way I think he would understand

    • You're right! Thank you so much!

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