How to I stop dreaming about my ex. I want to be over her completely?

Ok so my ex girlfriend and I broke up January 12 of this year. That was the last time I spoke to her. But for the first 27 days after that I had been looking at her Facebook page to see what she been up too. 17 days after we broke up I noticed she was in a relationship. When we broke up she said she wasn't doing it because of anyone else she need time to sort out her life. So after seeing she was in a relationship I asked her best friend and she said no she did that so no one would ask her out. Fast forward to 10 days later I found out she was actually dating someone her best friend. The same person she told me not to worry about. So I texted her and she blocked me on Facebook. I asked her friend and she was amazed my ex lied to her and was pissed she lied to her. Since that day I have started to hate my ex and move on with my life. Having a new relationship and then braking up that one but the girl and I are friends with bennifea so I'm still having sex but for the last week I have been having dreams of my other ex the one who we broke up in January. We were together for over 9 months and I loved her. Am I stupid for thinking I could drop all feelings I had for her? And how do I stop dreaming about her? I am talking to other women, having sex, going on dates, and interested in other women. I just want to stop having dreams about her.
I also find there are times during the day where I'll think of her for a bit and become sad again. Even when I'm on dates with other women. How is the best way to stop these sad moments all togeather?


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  • Stop reading into her life and pay attention to yours.

    What's new with you bro?
    How's school/ work?
    Where are you and your buddies heading this weekend?
    Are you travelling soon?
    Where would you want to go this summer?
    How much is it going to cost?
    hAve you called your friends to see whata new with them?

    Thought about getting involved with any type of projects?

    Train your mind. This is where you need to be. She's gone. That it's. F what she's doing


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