How do I get him back?

So I want to get back with my 2nd ex boyfriend , we have been spending a lot if time together lately , and everybody wants us to go out again anyway, I broke up with him because I just wasn't ready plus we hardly even talked.

Anyway today this boy came up to us and kept saying we were going out and my ex got really mad. Also we had to work together again and we kept touching each others hand and he kept gazing into my eyes ( apparently ). He seemed fine a week ago when we were pretending to go out to see friends reactions plus they still think we go out and stuff what shall I do? We really do have a connection but I don't know if he would say yes with all te hassle of my friends plus they are already asking him out for me anyway ( prank )
please help with serious answers
I asked him out and now we go out , also is it weird that I always ask guys out first?


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  • Tell him how you feel and you really want to be together


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