How long would u wait to contact your ex if she/he asks for space and time?

after a 2 year relationship my girl asked for space and time which i think is bs i think she likes someone else or she did something behind my back and feels guilty how long should i wait to make contact its been 1 month without seeing her and 15 days without talking to her


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  • I have asked a guy for space/time before, and the only reason was because I wanted to break up but I didn't know how to tell him, he hadn't given me a legitimate reason to leave so I had to make it seem like I was the one who needed time apart.

    Sorry... but that might be the case for her, If she doesn't write you then she simply is over it and doesn't want to talk.

    • but she still has pics of us and she said later on she will date me but right now she doesn't feel like she wants to be in a relationship

    • She wants to have you in her life but without committing to you. It's a nice way of friend-zoning you

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  • Whats her favorite color?
    Her favorite song?
    Favorite movie character? comics including

    • favorite song ron pope drop in the ocean , little mermaid lol does it matter?

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  • Never.
    Just move on bro.


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