Ex boyfriend stares but has a 'rebound' thing going on?

It's been almost 2 months since the breakup but it was sudden. We had a great relationship but it seems that things got a bit too 'real' for him and he said things 'just came to an end' and that he was sure he was going to regret it? And didn't want me completely out of his life?
Anyway my ex boyfriend continues to stare at me even though he's now apparently 'chirpsing' with this girl?
Everyone's been saying she may be a 'rebound'? As they don't even know each other that well to begin with, they never hang out with each other and they never even look at each other the way we used to? It's almost as if they're not even into eachother?
I saw him staring at me the other day but instead of looking miserable, he kind of smiled at me instead? But a friendly smile?
Not like a smirk which I thought he might've done. While I was joking around with my friend, he did the same again?
We haven't talked since the break up, I tried talking to him but he just rejected it when he was around his 'new' friends. He's tried fitting in with the 'cool' people and has completely changed his personality. It's quite embarrassing actually :)

Why would he even look at me if he's supposedly on a rebound thing?


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  • Why are you so occupied with his life?
    The relationship is over. Allow your life to move forward.


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