Complicated relationship, maybe time to call it quits?

Okay I know I've talked about this before so its old new. I'm in a friends with benefits relationship. It's very complicated. He was my boyfriend for a month, then we didn't talk for two months after we broke up, then we got into a benefit situation. nothing happened for 3 months we just talked on the phone 24/7. now coming from me even more complicated than they already were. we've talking about getting back together when this all started. I've been having a very emotional week this week and the other night he said something about having a getting a girlfriend. I know I have no right to be upset but when he send that it broke my heart so I snapped at him. A feel a little bad about it but not that bad where I going to apologize to him. He needs to apologize to me. Aren't I right? For pulling me along and playing with my heart?

He hasn't called or texted me to apologize. Knowing him he most likely forgot the argument.
He did poke me on Facebook. I didn't think he would cuphInk I his eago was hart or something. I was happy he did, but I didn't poke him back. I'm kinda hoping he gets the point I'm still upset. I know we're not boyfriend and girlfriend so he doesn't need to care but we're still friends and in that sense shouldn't he care? I don't know whatever.
Maybe time to call it quits?
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    Let it go. You should be meeting as many guys as you possibly can at this point of your life.


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  • You allowed him to string you along. You gave him the keys. I don't understand why you would jump into what was already a non-existent relationship to a friends with benefits situation. That makes no sense. Going from bad to worse? Why?

    • U r right
      I just can't help it I'm very attractive to him
      But u r right

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    • God forgives everyone, all you have to do is ask.

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  • he's not your boyfriend... and you're in love with him.
    make it clear to him about that, if he's still can't see both of you in the picture, just get over him and find another man.

    Don't involved with friends with benefit relationship, ever.

    • He knows I love him ;(
      That's why this is so hard

    • don't break your heart with a man like this
      its not worth it

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