Gap year ex sending mixed emotoins?

Hi eveyone... my ex gf went on a gap year and left me after 3 years... she said its not about other guys but to enjoy herself... she wasn't very sosail before but she just turend into a party girl... she texts me sometimes... she says she misses me a lot and thinks about me a lot... she's hot then she's cold ! She says she loves me and that she still thinks well end up togher i must just own her this year to enjoy herself... but she doesn't want any relatoinship... with no one cuz it wil spoil her year... she calls me each time she thinks im moving on to tell me she still have feelings for me... and she doesn't want me to move on... and if i say give me reason to stay... she says she can't tell me its up 2 me... she ussauly was the one who was presuing me... she tells me she loves me and wants me at the en of the year... why this behavoir girls? Does she want to keep her optoins open for other guys or does she just want to go out and enjoy this year... even thou i would have never kept her back if she wants to party... do i give her time for it to blow over or what.. anyone help plz?


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  • Boundaries! Take step back and take moment to recognize you were in a relationship, the relationship has ended , where are you moving fwd to.
    Don't confuse having feelings for someone as wanting to be with them.
    Validate whatever you feel, recognize your life is changing, prepare for the next step

    • Thank you... im giving her the space she asked for... she's contacting me... and im not moving on she only thinks so because im not persuing her.. but by persuing her ill drive a bigger wedge between us... i know she's in the honeymoon fase at that gap year... so thats y im waiting for the exitedment to cool down...

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