I'm pregnant, and very unhappy with my boyfriend help me?

The title says it all..
I'm 3 months pregnant, me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years.
He lives in my house, I have a great job a great family. He moved here 2 years ago from Greece.
Since the last 6 months I've been feeling unhappy.
We are to different, he gets angry very fast and i feel he's not happy here.
He doesn't want to learn to speak the language any better to get a better job.
I've had a lot of opportunities for him to start a new job with better money if he would perfect his language skills.
But he doesn't want to do it.

Before i thought this would come later but now that i found out I'm pregnant I don't understand why he wouldn't make more effort to make a better life for his baby.
All he says is that he can't do it.

He is bossy all the time. I can't talk to him at all.
If I don't agree with him, he doesn't listen to me and starts yelling and ignoring me.

My parents helped us a lot in the beginning paying for a lot of stuff he doesn't seem to appreciate nothing.
Sometimes he's not even friendly to them or just ignores them watching greek news on the laptop when they come over for coffee.

Before i found out i was pregnant i felt already i wanted to break up. Because we fight way to much. And I'm never right everything is always my fault.

He doesn't make a social life for himself, i try to get him out of the house spending weekends with my friends but he never wants to go.

When my parents ask to go out for diner he lets me go by myself because he's not in the mood.

I feel so miserable I'm very happy I'm pregnant, it wasn't planned but he or she is very welcome and loved.

But I just don't know what to do with this relationship anymore. I feel nervous and stressed all the time.
I don't see my friends anymore even my parents noticed I look very unhappy

Any advice

( if we try to talk it out everytime he starts yelling at me and at the end of the conversation it's always my fault )


Most Helpful Guy

  • Not sure what your question really is. He's made his position clear. What exactly are you waiting for?
    You have a child. You are a single parent. You live at home.
    Get your priorities in a row. This relationship b has been over


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm sorry you're going through this but I'm 100% sure you need to break up with him, despite being pregnant. He makes you miserable now, just like he will continue to do in the years to come, if you decide to stay with him. He even doesn't sound very happy to become a father, so why keep him by your side? He'll end up hurting you more, as well as the baby. I believe it's much better to grow up without a father, than with one that doesn't care about us.
    I hope you gather enough strenght to leave him. You'll be more than capable of raising this baby without him. Plus, it sounds like you have an amazing family who will support you to the fullest and help you along the way. Good luck!

    • Thank you for your advice :)
      He is very happy he is going to be a father but his actions don't show this at all.
      He works hard and is under payed. I think he just wants to move back to Greece but the baby is holding him here.

      I think you are right and breaking up is the best option :)

    • I'm sorry I misunderstood that he's happy to be a father, that's good! Anyway, the right decision is to let go, the sooner the better. It will be tough but it'll be for the best (for the three of you). I wish you the best!

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  • I'm sorry to hear that... as known Greek people r so lazy they don't appreciate anything... anyway u should figure something out... does he know that u r pregnant?


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  • I understand that you may want to stay with him because of the baby but I think that you should threaten to break up with him if he doesn't get it together. Him getting a better job would help you two be able to support the baby without the help of your parents. If he can't step up now just think about the problems you will have later. Hopefully he will grow up and step up to the plate. God bless you hopefully things work out.

    • Yes i've considered staying with him because i never taught i would become a single mother.

      But his actions now make me even more angry and stressed.
      I've threatened to break up with him today and he got angry, ignores me and any conversation it's impossible.

      I think I'm done...:(

    • Yeah leave him as quick as you can. Stress is not good for the baby. Hopefully your parents will still be willing to help you. It's also good that you have a good job.

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