Why be friends?

Why would an ex boyfriend want to be friends? I mean, wasn't that the purpose of the break-up. He broke up with me 2 years ago. It was my first and only serious relationship.


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  • well I've had a few girls that kept in contact with me after the breakup... I wasn't a fan of it. Like one of them moved in with my sisters and it was pretty awkward because it felt like she was trying to infiltrate my life. Took me a while but other than occasional messages on Facebook I pretty much am down to just one that won't let go.

    Not sure why she won't let go but maybe because she thinks her now fiancee is gay and got him to tell her it was okay if she slept with me. So lots of awkwardness. I would say avoid it... all it does is keep people's lives from continuing normally.


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  • I think he likes spending time with you and the way you are but maybe now not in that way. You guys had something and you were comfortable with each other and you started as friends. The fact that you're not sentimentally involve doesn't mean you guys can't be friends again


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  • There isn't a reason. Squash it and kill any fantasy in his head. It's not healthy at all

    • Fantasy? I don't know what u mean by that, but I do agree that it's probably not healthy by any means. Thanks for your comment.

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