Why does ex keep calling me and then ignores me?

My ex called me 3 days after the break up to say he still loves me and hinting about being with me, then ignores me when I try to text him. Its been over two weeks since the break up and he answered my text from 5 days ago then called me and asking what I want to do about us and I told him I still want to be with and he said he still wants to be with me and that he loves me and he still calls me babe and when he text me he said "I love you" and I told text him back "I love you too" and he responds "Oh hush" and I tell him well its true and he said "really babe" and then calls me back again and we talk for over an hour and he also asked if I was seeing someone, but when I tried texting him later in the day yesterday he didn't reply.

Is he playing games with me? What should I do? I was starting to feel better about the break up and now I feel horrible again because he confuses me with his behavior.


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  • Love hurts especially being young. Ain't gonna sugar coat anything with you. He knows how much you like him and is may being using that to his advantage. Don't get played. Here's a test, find an attractive ladies pic on the Web, create a fake fb or Twitter page and see how he acts after u send a creative message.

    • What would he gain by doing that to me?

    • Gain? Why are you asking that? He gains nothing this is to see if he is a man whore just try it

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  • maybe you shouldn't fall for it deeply... guys likes playing games but girls as the coach should think when will he be targetting and what... You should be calm and think of positives in life. Life isn't always about boys. what hurts the most in life is love. so dont fall for it deeply. if he keeps ignoring you then u should too.. dont care too much about him not replying. think about other things in life.. and so in the end if he says he was playing then u will get hurt LESS


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  • Crazy or confused about his feelings.


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