Hot and cold ex gf?

Why does my ex act hot one moment... acting al nice... says how she misses me wants to get back toghter because she can't stop thinking bout me... and the next moment she's cold... says i must forgetb it cuz it seems like im doing fine without her and we must cut contact... but she still cares for me and i make her heart melt... (and all the time im showing intrest and im going out of my way to show her how i didn't move on actauly) ?


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  • When you get back with her and as soon as she finds a new guy , she'll drop you in a blink of an eye.

    This girl sounds like a mentally unstable person who likes to play games because she don't want to be alone until she finds a new guy.

    I'd say, don't pay attention to any of her crap to feed her ego.


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