Ex keeps texting me after saying he doesn't want to be with me?

My ex gave me mixed messages and then I wanted to know what he wanted and he said sorry I can't be with you. But when we talked on the phone he said we could be friends but I told him I need to distance myself first to get over him, and he responded "really."

He was still calling me babe and love and he said I should fight for him, but I said what does that mean and he kept saying figure it out. He told me he still cares for me and he told me he still loves me, but I asked him what he wanted, and if he wanted me out of his life because I will go away and he sounded mad and said "go away" and I didn't hear him clear at first so I asked what he said and he said "go away" and I said okay and he hung up on me and that was today at 5 am I fell asleep and woke up like 40 mins later and he text me saying "Hey" so I text back and he doesn't respond (I know I shouldn't have responded)

I don't get it like why would he say go away then text me? he told me several times he couldn't be with me and then contradicts himself. Should I block him?


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  • Stop playing games with the boy & just block him from treating you like an ego boost doormat.


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