GUYS what reasons would you have to text your ex?

Say you're the one who broke up with her, what reasons would there be to text her again soon after the break up?


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  • well the only times I texted my ex after a breakup was one time because she was pregnant and I still wanted to have involvement with my sons like so I tried to keep some sort of communication even though she wasn't... mostly so the court could see I was at least trying to be responsible.

    The other times it was because the girl was trying to undo her breakup... which I have a fairly strick no takebacks policy.

    • Just wondering because my ex broke up with me but he keeps contacting me every few days. Like last night he said he couldn't be with me but then tells me to fight for it and this confuses me. I told him that if he wanted me to go away I will, and he was quiet so I repeated it and he said "Go away" and I said ok and he hung up on me but then texts me "Hey" 40 mins later.

What Girls Said 1

  • He wants sex or to get back together.


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