Messaging an ex after a month?

So it was her parents that wouldn't allow us to be together and she got cold feet last minute when we were about to move out. She called me the next day crying hysterically saying she wants me. Things got messy got pissed at the mixed signals because she was acting all tough like nothing happened when I called her three days later. Got jn a big fight I apologized. Said she wants some space from me. Says she thought I was just going to forget about her and go out fuck other girls and dint think I would even react.

Few days later she msgd me asking if I wanted a gift back that I gave to her. Obviously just an excuse to talk to me. Anyways its been a month I think I've healed a lot and ready to message her. I know she said she doesn't want to ever talk to me again because of this. I told her when she was crying that day after we could still be friends too.


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What Girls Said 1

  • a lot of things can happen in a month but you should go ahead and see how she feels so that way you know whether to move on completely because you have healed

    • Does it look desperate or needy? I mean she ended it with me. For situational reasons but none the less she ended i. t

    • I know this might not be something that you want to hear but maybe you should disregard what anybody thinks of you as being needy because you need to know where you stand with this girl so that its not bugging you and eating at you so when you find out it won't matter how she perceives you maybe she's waiting for you to contact her you never know

What Guys Said 1

  • A girl will never let her parents get in the way of a guy she likes. Do you actually believe what you just said.

    • Yeah because we snuck around for a year even though it was killing her aND I could see it.

    • She also called me that next day hysterically crying saying she just wants me and doesn't know what to do.

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