Me and my ex just broke up. We still text. I fell in love. He was my first relationship out of my 19 years. I thought he was the one?

We stil text daily. Sometimes see each other. I can't sleep because I constantly think of him. We recently did something we shouldn't have did and I love him so much but the fact that j know we're not together just hurts my heart so much so I think it's time for closure


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  • Here's my advice that I follow. don't fall too deeply in love with a person who may end up breaking your heart. You can love them 60-70%, but not 100% because you become emotionally weak at that point and end up with silly problems like not being able to sleep.

    The only people you should allow yourself to love 100%, meaning you pour all your love into them, would be your children (when you have them of course). No one else.

    This is of course, only my theory.


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  • and the question is "was he the one?"

    the answer is yes he was


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  • If it's not progressive it's not healthy for you. I think you should come in terms with your feelings and allow yourself to move fwd with them. Even if your not together


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