Did he give up hope?

I've asked a question about this guy before but noone answered me, instead I got told what I bitch I'd been. I already know this.

Met online, he called daily, he always text first. We'd flirt and laugh for months until i started being hot/cold/indecisive. I'd change the subject when he asked to meet up... this went on for four months. He told me he still liked me but it was looking like we'd never move forward. We flirted then I said I no longer feel connected to him. He said he was annoyed and i've ruined it. He cut me off and got with a new girl :'(

Did I basically dangle him on a string for months? He liked me but he had to move on cos he'd given up hope?


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  • To him you led him on. Guys hate that. You can't be indesicive like that, and no your not a b**** you just made a mistake, I have done worse believe me but I learned from it. Now you know that guys don't like waiting forever, a month, on meeting up. But if you truly wanted to be with him you would have met up,

    • So in his mind, if i'd really wanted to be with him I would have made it happen?

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    • Ty. I only want him though :(

    • Then the price you must pay is with your time, biding your time will determine how much you want him. It shows you respect and honor his current relationship and accept that fate (aka the eventual outcome of events) will either drive you to him or take you in another direction entirely.

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  • He a real men. I'm glad he drop you and move on to the next girl.

    Yes, to answer your question, he give up on you. Yes, there people that have the balls to do that.

    • Well it took 5 months

  • Yes. You know what you did. Now you deserve to have the same thing happen to you.

    • Did he like me but assumed i'd never meet?

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    • Well i did send a long text apologizing only I didn't tell him I wanted to meet nor give a definite plan, only that I want to stay in touch... I said I understood if I never hear from him again after the way i acted, so if i don't, take care... this was like 4 days ago, no reply. So the only way, IF there was a chance, would be to show effort and prove I can actually commit to meeting and being more consistent with my moods?

    • Yup. Guys are well aware that sometimes what a woman says and does are two different things. At this point it is nessary for you to show him different from what he has experianced with you before. The note is a good start, but it talks about "if I never see you again... bla bla." No. This is the beginning of love. He likes you and there is a part that probably burns for you. He tried and failed again and again. Now he needs to see that now you burn for him. Instead of "never see you again... I understand" he will need it to be "sorry I was confused... but now I want to see you... now it's important to me, to get closer to you" [i burn for you]. He needs to see that you feel the same way he has before he will be willing to go out on that limb again and trust you won't flake again.
      He invested in you, and it burnt him.
      Now he needs to see that you are investing in him before he will be comfortable enough to risk his heart again. Ask him out, and go out with him.

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