Ex contacted me after 4 months NC, help?

After 4 months NC he finally texted and apologised! ?
Okay so obviously we split over four months ago, in which he entered a rebound relationship. We both went NC & wanted nothing to do with each other! The break up was hideous!! Well anyways a part from some drunk phone calls one night from him I heard nothing from him.

The other day I felt as if I wanted to message him & clear the air and apologise. I held off & didn't message him. Funnily enough 2 days after he contacts me out of the blue, tells me he's sorry and that he knows it's long over due. We get chatting mostly which he initiated. He then asked me if I had met anyone. I told him I was speaking to a few guys but I was mostly focused on myself. I then said I hoped things were going well with his partner which he then informed me it finished a couple of weeks ago, but was now seeing someone but it was early days & nothing serious.

Halfway through talking he randomly said that he hopes someone will sweep me off my feet as I deserved it. He also didn't sound very hopeful about this new girl he was seeing when I wished him luck! And then on top of that he suggested about meeting & catching up soon.

Someone explain?


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What Guys Said 1

  • This is just an attempt to lick his emotional wounds. Leave him alone...

    • He contacted me first & was the one initiating the conversation. Even after I repeatedly tried to end the convo 3 times because I was going out he tried to carry it on.

    • Thus his own licking his emotional wounds. It's separation anxiety. Now its time for me to leave you t the rest of these... individuals.

What Girls Said 1

  • is he still contacting you he must have some level of care about you. When a guy goes that long without talking to you and then comes back she might have found out that the grass is not greener on the other side. If you think its worth it go ahead and trying to reconcile but if you don't think it's a very salvageable situation just move on. you just have to make sure this time did the same things that made you break up the last time are resolved and you guys don't go back into the same patterns you got to learn from your mistakes.


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