Is there a chance he could miss me?

Me and my friends with benefits ended the other day when I texted him that we couldn't hookup anymore. We used to have a decent friendship, and he started liking me when I wasn't ready for a relationship. He later entered a relationship without telling me, got really distant, but we eventually hooked up. They broke up when the girl found out he cheated. He came back to me, saying he missed me. It's been up and down for the few months since that happened. But I've had enough of being ignored on and off and his emotional rollercoaster ride that he keeps bringing me on. We haven't taken each other off Facebook, but I deleted his number and him from snapchat (although he can still see my stories). We've known each other for about a year and have been through a lot emotionally. I did tell him I was still hurt from the lying, cheating, using and that I don't appreciate having my existence go unacknowledged unless we're having sex. I want to know if there is a way he could possibly miss me? I just want to know if there is the possibility, not any way to make it happen.
  • He probably misses you, just doesn't know what to do/say
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  • Doubtful, he didn't care enough about you to begin with
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  • He's just going to move on
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  • I don't think he misses you


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