Can a girl get her feelings back for someone? ?

So.. dats d question. .. do u think a girl can get her feelings back?


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What Girls Said 1

  • yes but it all depends on the circumstances, if u guys broke up, for a reason she may not get her feelings back because of that reason, but if she liked you then stopped liking you, it might be because:
    she thought u weren't interested
    you showed interest in someone else
    -she decided you guys are better off as friends
    -she likes someone else
    -she likes you but doesn't want to date yet
    -she is waiting for you to make a move
    -she still has feelings but shows them less to see your response
    there is a million different reasons , you were pretty vague on your question


What Guys Said 1

  • Once a girl has lost interest in a boy, it's gone forever. For women, as long as their is an once of interest for the guy they will try to fix whatever is wrong in the relationship until they exhaust every possible solution. Once they realize there is no remedy to a deteriorating relationship, she's out and will not return. When this happens, a girl can no longer get her feelings back for the guy she once loved and now dumped.


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