Why does ex call me to say he still loves me?

He calls me to say he can't be with me and then tells me he still cares about me and still loves me, he kept calling me babe too. He keeps confusing me because he sounds like he still wants to be with me.

I talked to him yesterday on the phone and he told me to go away and I said ok and then he hung up, then later texts me "Hey" why would he do that?


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  • Whatever the reason is, it's inappropriate and self-centered. Sounds like he's either intentionally playing games with you or he just has no clue what he wants and strings you along, selling you hope, while he carelessly, tactlessly figures it out.

    Despite what's going on with him, I think it's healthy for you to completely cut him out of your life and stop giving him the opportunity to tamper with your emotional and mental fate.

  • No one can tell you what's what or what you should do when coming to matters of the heart... But what i know for surr is you are better off depending on you... Cause you know exactly what you need... If you cut him out of your life you will eventually find that you can be okay...

    All he's focusing on is what he needs and he's imposing his confusion on you. Do you.

    • I told him that I need to distance myself from him and he tells me that's fine and I say ok, but then he says "why love" and I tell him because I still love him and it hurts and I need to get over that, and he texts back "oh hush." It just hurts because I told him to stop confusing and he agreed but does it again.

    • Block him. Do not let him take control of you like that. Cause him not being with you is what he currently wants and what's best for him. Why can't you do what's best for you? I hate telling people what to do but girl... Let me remind you that you are all that you have. If he doesn't wanna be kind to your heart then do it for yourself

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