Is 1 week too late to get back together with him after a break up?

Last Saturday i broke up with him and now i want to get back together with him and work things out. Now, is 1 week too late? Have i lost my chance?


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  • No, it's definitely not too late. I split with someone for a week and then she phoned me. We got back together.


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  • Well if you really love him then anytime before he moves on but I wouldn't reccamend it.
    There's a reason why you broke up, I'm guessing, and it may happen again.

    It would be far easier moving on.

    It can be easy to do if you allow yourself and not have any mental restrictions.
    You just need to forget about him and move on. Start talking and being interested in more and different people. Try and avoid everything that reminds you of him for the time being, but obviously you can't avoid everything all the time. You will need to think of other things and people instead of your ex bf.
    Loads of other people say that their ex bf is perfect and whatever, which doesn't help getting over as your making them seem perfect. If you tell yourself someone is perfect, such as your ex, then eventually you will believe that and will want him and start missing him.

    You are looking at him be happy and your mind thinks that you can only be happy with him, which is obviously not true. You need to forget about him, think about his bad qualities and think of other guys good positives and one day you can be even happier with someone else, than always comparing it to your ex. If you always compare and try and do things like you did with you ex, or the ways he is doing it now, you will never be happy because no one else can match that as no one person is the same. If you get what I mean.

    So dont compare him to other guys you see, cos if you think a perfect bf is like your ex, then no one but him will fit your description and you won't be able to move on cos you can't. No two guys are the same, if that makes sense.

    If you need more help, advice or just want to talk feel free to ask or send me a message
    Anyway, Hope this helps.

  • You clearly miss him, but why did you break up with him in the first place? 1 week sounds like hardly any time apart so if you're the one that initiated the breakup, you can probably get him back. You just lost the opportunity to complain if he did anything with someone else during that week break.

  • Why did you break up? Have you changed in a weeks time? Do you expect him to change? If so, then you want someone like him, but not him. Maybe you're just nervous about being alone. If that's the case, you need to ease up and just do you for a while.


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