Will my boyfriend get over it and text me?

Everything was fine between me and my boyfriend and then he randomly didn't talk to me for 5 days.. So I texted him asking why he's been distant. He claimed that he wasn't and I told him how he doesn't seem interested considering he hasn't tried to talk to me. And he ignored my text explaining how I feel like he isn't as excited to talk to me anymore as he used to be. Since this was our first time talking in like a week, I'm scared he won't text me again and this will just be the end of us. But from a guys perspective, do you think he'll get over what I said and text me?


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  • I don't think you said anything wrong... In a relationship you're supposed to talk. He is kinda putting you off.
    You can text him more often first and see where it goes.
    But he seems ehh.
    How old are you guys?

    • I'm 16 he's 17

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    • Do you think he'll mature enough to text me first?

    • I guess you can wait and see?

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  • If the guy don't want to talk is not a big deal don't be upset you have all the time to find someone good for you..


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