She dosent feel the same way she once felt?

She still want us to be together but she going to do her. She all ways on the phone now and dosent say a word to me. Now I clean I cook and I take care of our one year old. our convos our small talk now. n try not to argue


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  • Communication is key. Don't not communicate for fear of arguing. U need to express yourself and be heard! Tell her to put the damn phone down and look at you!

    • . thanks that helps

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    • yea sure that would nice

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  • Sometimes having children changes things. Do talk to her about it. If that's not working, try couples counseling. What you choose to do now to address this will likely effect how your future unfolds.


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  • You're past the honeymoon stage of your relationship where it just feels comfortable. As long as there is still love there.. make her feel special


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