Why I have mixed feelings about my crush? and he doesn't want me back anymore?

I have this huge crush for this guy, we talked daily, I cared a lot for him, it looks like he cared for me at the beggining, then I nagged at him, so fights starts. when I went to see him, he left me for another girl, then a few after he told he had started a relationship with a girl (they recently broke up) I felt awful because I liked him a lot and he used to say that he had strong feelings for me, looks like he didn't though. But we ended awfully with a huge fight involve. Then we both apologized for things said, he said he kinda missed me and he would like to kiss me and so on, but lately he has been so indifferent with me and he had said he did cared for me but he has his reasons for being like he is now and that I know why (which is for the fight) and I said to him that I should be the indifferent one and he said that that's true, he is just loving with others but not with me and it's hard to talk with me because I'm not easy going. it's like one day he is being cute and the other day fuck you, I know I shouldn't be talking with him anymore, but it's like sometimes I hate him and I know I deserve better but the next day I want him back.


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  • It doesn't sound like he's very into you really. I'm sure if he liked you a lot he'd be willing to put whatever argument you had aside and move forward with you next to him and not away from him like it is now. A guy who is up & down the whole time often also indicates a lack of attraction. I think you should move on or at least create some space. Someone is taking the other for granted at this point in time and the only way to fix that is to create space for him to miss you and realize he still wants you in his life. Till then he likely wouldn't be a good catch and you'd be wasting your time.

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    • he told me to get a life, to move on, and I told him that I would have done anything for him, he said that he knows, and I ask why and if I was so not worth it to have an answer and he never replied.

    • Screw him. He sounds like a guy who has no idea what he has in front of him and he has clearly taken you for granted. You can do better!

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  • You sound like a drama queen and if your conversation skills are anything close to your writhing skills , you have a problem on which you should work on. No offence! Try to analyze things from his perspective. Sometimes you hurt someone without realizing it. I always do that I analyze how the "truth" could look like from the other side of the coin , how HE saw it. Maybe you are in the wrong here (I´m not saying you are , I dont know the whole story).

    • I've been a drama queen, I know that. I can't see the other side of the coin. I did a lot for him, gave too much too soon, which is bad. Maybe I did hurt him with my words but words are words, actions hurt more than words, he chose another girl over me, he hurt my pride and my feelings. so I can't see how he is more hurt than me.

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    • Then tell him as it is! That that hurts you and if it continues , you move on.

    • thanxs :D

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