What was this man doing with me?

I'm with this man for 5 months. I'm a good women, I cook , take him to work, buy him gifts to cheer him up, try to build with him.

He is always complaining on how he hates his life. He's not happy. The reason he saids this is because he has two kids with his ex and she doesn't let him see them. Also he sold drugs before and now he has a job making decent money. Enough to pay child support, rent and bills and he still had money on the side.

We live together. Last night I told him go ahead and chill with your friends I'll be home tonight around midnight. (I'm trying to not party as much like I used to I'm trying to change as well for the possitive). So I went over my cousins house and just had a heart to heart conversation.

He told me not to come because he wanted to hang out with his friends to come later..

I have no place to stay... What am I sapose to do? I just slept over my causins house for the night.

I told him if I start partying and hanging out like I used to before then he will feel concerned.

He told me it was over. That this was his problem with me. He felt that he was in jail.

Mind you, I don't see him during the day bc he works and I go to school at night.

I am confused with this...


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  • Move on. You are trying to start a good thing. He wants to live in the past and likes screwing up. Why do you need that?

    • So true , it makes sence... He lives in the past and can't accept his reality now.

      He told me I was a blessing in his life and his escape. But latley he's been pushing me awey... Thanks for your opinion

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