How do I get back my ex gf?

So my one year ex gf and I broke up 5 months ago and she went straight to a relationship. It hit me hard but to make it even worse we work together. After finally cutting contact for good recently I've been getting feelings back. i tried to talk to her at work but she Responds short answers and doesn't even look at me. Help?


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  • It depends... Who broke up with who and why?

    • She did after I got mad at her. She went out with some friends without telling me where she was and not answering my calls

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  • Well to be honest, you have no control over how someone else feels for you.. As much as it sucks to hear that, it's honest..
    I can't really offer you advice on how, maybe just float out you would like to catch up for a drink sometime and leave the ball in her court..
    Also maybe just move on, I know it's hard when she is always around mate, just keep your chin up

    • I have tried man but tbh I've felt bad for going in another relationship as fast as she did.

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    • I can't do nothing about it. I work with Her so I see her every weekend and at school

    • I feel for you mate, would not be easy to see her all the time

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