Why is he being so cold after the break up? Should I give up?

My bf and I broke up about 10 days ago after dating for a year, due to his depression he's had since 4 months into our relationship. It comes in depressive episodes lasting a few weeks max every couple months or so & he's been in therapy. The two weeks ish before all this happened he told me he had been feeling much worse than usual, but I figured he'd overcome it as usual. He was still being very sweet to me and telling me I make him forget about his depression & I mean everything to him, but he was being distant. One night he called me after disappearing for a bit freaking out saying he couldn't do this anymore & was so confused & depressed but didn't want to break up. We went on a break & I continued to be nothing but kind and supportive, but a few days later he broke up with me saying he doesn't feel in love with me, is unhappy with everything in his life including us & felt that he needed to change everything. I asked if he meant everything he said to me just a week before & he said of course he did. How did that change so soon then? I asked him to name a problem with us & he said he couldn't think of one and that I was the most special person and I gave him everything but he just feels different. If he wasn't faking things, how did that change in a week? His friends told me he made a big deal about he doesn't want me out of his life and would want to try again if he gets better. We talked a few times since then & our convos have been light, friendly & humorous. But now he's suddenly ignoring me & avoiding me. He isn't answring my texts, but his friend told me he hasn't been talking to anyone really lately. I'm just so angry. I've gone through hell doing everything to show him how much I love & support him and now he's treating me like I don't exist. He ignores my attempts to set up a time to get my stuff back. We were so in love, we were best friends had the most loving and caring relationship. This all came out of nowhere, his friends were shocked and so am I


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  • I'm totally disabled because of major depression. When in a depressed state reality becomes distorted and we lose interest in things we used to find enjoyable. Him trying to isolate is very normal for a depressed person. Sounds like he needs his meds adjusted. Dating someone with major depression would be really hard. You should get yourself educated on the subject and that might help


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