Which guy do I pick?

okay now before i continue i am not "in love" with either guys because i know that whole "if you ever fall in love with two guys pick the second one because if you really loved the first one you wouldn't have even seen the second" BUT i'm in this really complicated situation right now basically, i've been seeing this guy for the past 7-8 months but we started out kind of rough, things are kind of better now but we do argue a lot and don't really get along, but we can't stand to be apart from each other , on the other hand there's this other guy that i met a few months ago and he is head over heels for me "so in love" with me and would do anything for me, i guess i am somewhat attracted to him, but i don't know if i'm attracted to how he'd treat me or him, himself? i did "break his heart" when i told him i had been seeing someone else cause when i did meet him i was fighting with my main guy, what do i do? i want to be happy and i don't want to play anyone or anything like that.


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