I really need an advice. Please don't judge. How do you handle hot and cold signals?

My ex and I have broken up 2 months ago. I moved in righ next to his apartment. We see each other every weekend or would even sometimes spend the entire week together. I'm very open about wanting to get back but he doesn't want to. This is the second time that we have broken and it's all because of me. All because of a misunderstanding. I'm very impulsive and act based on my emotions. This is something that i'm working on. I told him that i won't hurt him again. There were times we he would almost ask me to live together again but would take it back... Is there still a chance that he would want me back again?


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  • since he almost ask u to live together again, i guess it means that he still loves you but he is afraid that the same thing will happen again. maybe he just needs some time to recover from the hurtful things that u have done. While waiting, u can give him a little space and at the same time show him that u can change for him. hope it will work out for u both :)


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