Why does ex boyfriend want to be my friend?

He broke up with me but he sounds very confused about the break up and he said he wanted to be my friend still but I told him that I would have to distance myself from him for a while and he sounded really surprised that I would say that.

Why would he want to be friends?


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  • I had a similar situation with my ex-boyfriend, I had originally honestly hoped it was because he wasn't over me and that we would get back together. Sadly, as I decided to try the friendship, I started to realize that he was just being friends with me to not feel like a jerk, or the bad guy for having broken up with me. It also allowed him to continue to boost his ego by knowing in the background that there was always someone that would be there for him - ie. I think he liked to think that I was still pinning for him.

    Honestly - the best thing you can do for yourself is distance yourself from him and give yourself time to get over the relationship. When you are 100% over it, then maybe you two can be friends. But otherwise, it will just be toxic.

    • Yeah it's too hard for me to be friends with him right now and I told him that he may not hear from me for a while and said he has says "why Love" and I told him that I have to distance myself from him because I still love him and it hurts and I need to get over that and he has the nerve to say "Oh hush" which confuses me. I have deleted his number I'am sick of his games, thanks for answering my question

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