Long distance relationship going a little too fast... ok a lot fast wtf?

I dated this guy for a month he this in London he says he loves me I think its going to fast and I don't feel the same way any more
Its weird he told me he wanted to marry me on the third day we talked I thought it was cute at first
He constantly ask for phone sex
I don't like him anymore how do I break up w him
Oh and he's suicidal tried to kill himself three times before help please


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  • Shady. That sounds like some red flags. I wouldn’t trust that.
    People get so caught up in the thrill and romance of online dating that they forget there are people out there who are mentally ill or have social disorders. There are people with legitimate issues who use online dating as a chance to harness their problems. Honestly girl, in a situation like this with a guy like him you just have to be very straight forward…. very cut and dry. Do not give him the opportunity to oppose the break-up. Do not ask nor state yourself in an open-ended question where he can reply. You simply directly tell him that the relationship is not working for you and you have realized it’s best for the both of you to go separate ways. Then you delete him and block him from everywhere online, get him blocked on your cell phone if you have to, and cut off all contact. What you describe is really abnormal and to be honest you shouldn’t mess around with that.

    Not only that, but it’s ridiculous for him to stress you out with his baggage by telling you he’s suicidal. That’s too much pressure. You need to get rid of him STAT.

    • *mentally ill* *social disorders*

      Spot on!

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    • That's sweet I'm happy for u:)

    • Thanks for MH
      message me if you want to chat more about this issue
      It was crazy girl, I was really sad and crushed about having to leave behind Loser then ironically about 6 months later, someone came into my life who outshined him in every way possible... most of all with respect and charm : )

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  • Before you judge, ask first... some kind of girls would tell u to reject or ignore him
    But with that kind of period u have been dating..
    You better ask about his problems first..
    Dont listen too much crap of others.. it's your relationship and you know better about it..
    Deal with it

    • I've tried to help him and we talk over and over each time convincing him to stay alive but I'm tired ok maybe im his life line or whatever but I feel like he's using me he always asks for phone e sex and sends me pics and gets mad when I don't want to send any

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    • Did u asked him to stop doing this kind of phone sex shit?
      If u like him try to convince him, if he didn't tell him you will break this kind of relationship coz it's gettin to nowhere...
      But don't be harsh to hime, he is kindda super emotional person.. and he like to fill this emptiness by having sex..
      Send him one photo u feel its ok.. and tell him not to masturbate on it... lol

    • Oh he masterdates alright the horniest guy I've met so far it overshadows ho sweet he can be
      And I ain't sending him shit...

  • If your going to get into a long distance relationship with someone do it with someone you actually know who just moved away. Or someone you have talked with for years.

    • True I guess

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    • Well this is my first and probably last

    • Ah I see.

  • He asked you to marry after 3 days? That's a colossal red flag.

  • Been in 3 they suck.


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  • I know someone like this. DO NOT ignore the red flags, it can only go down hill from here. If he wants to kill himself, let him. That's evolution in play.
    He's manipulative and emotionally blackmailing you, just block him on everything. Don't even offer an explanation. Say "I don't feel the same, this is not working." Then block. Don't give him an opportunity to guilt trip you.

    • So basicly he's doing it on purpose to use me right I never really looked at it like that

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    • Ok thanks

    • She's absolutely right. Don't give him the opportunity to put you on a guilt trip and falsely make you believe that you are responsible for his emotional wellbeing. HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE STATE OF HIS EMOTIONAL WELLBEING, not you.

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