Breaking up and social media. What do you think / do?

We live in a time where we share everything on social media, including our relationships. When I was dating this guy I decided not to be very explicit with our relationship. I used to post pictures and stuff, but never saying stuff like "I love you" or things like that. I wanted to keep stuff private and between us. When we broke up, I decided to stay away from social media to avoid writing stuff about it, and to avoid looking at his profiles.

However, I checked his Twitter last night and oh my god. He is very romantic and poetic, and since the day we broke up, you can infer that he is heart broken. that i was the one who did something wrong (never did, and he was the one who broke up with me), and that he might have someone else. I don't know what is going on but it's annoying because I don't want people to talk about me based on what he is writing.

So.. how do you handle break-ups and social media? You post stuff? Or sometimes? Or never? Right now, I'm posting stuff like if nothing happened, except that I'm not posting love related stuff.


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  • don't pay attention to his posts. if your friends or others presume fact based on his posts then they aren't true friends. don't post stuff, dont' respond to stuff, basically just leave it all alone. the best thing to do may be to actually hide all his feeds so you aren't likely to see them


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