Will he ever feel remorse for this?

So my boyfriend of two years, whom I am also pregnant by... Wakes up one day and tells me he needs a "break." How convient... I'm 10 weeks pregnant with his child. I need him the most now. Despite the hours I cried and begged him to stay he eventually left. Something hadn't felt right. Especially the night before because didn't touch me all night. He's usually super clingy and cuddles me all night. I felt in my heart something was wrong so I went into detective mode and discovered that he has been pursuing a girl he works with. The girl told me he told her he was single and I was his crazy ex he couldn't get rid of. She also mentioned that on a night he told me he was staying at his dads, he goes and plays beer pong with this girl and her friend. Oh and also slept with her. And when it came down to confronting him he basically chose her over me and was extremely cold. I almost feel dumped off like trash and it was so unexpected. He was always so loving and needing of me. I am broken hearted but I know now that I can never take him back. I just wonder if one day he will feel the pain that I am feeling. Will he ever feel bad for leaving me and his unborn child? Or my other child from a previous relationship that called him daddy? I just like to entertain the thought of him begging me back but I don't know if that will really happen. Please help! Any ladies been through this? Guys how would you feel?
Oh PS- the girl he left me for is super adorable :(
Also, he hasn't talked to me in days after talking to me like I'm trash... Then just randomly texts me saying "How's the baby? Everything OK?"

Not sure if he geniunly cares or if he is trying to weasle his way back in.


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  • honestly any man would be tires of you i'am assuming... u seem really needy. He was sick of you so he left big deal you should have thought about that before getting yourself pregnant. I hardly sympathize for you as there are so many guys being dumped by their wives every day and so many girlfriends dumping their boyfriends so its only fair that men do it as well to their significant other... its only fair thus balance is maintained

    • So the fact that we both wanted this child is irrelevant? I didn't get "myself" pregnant. I'm sorry but you seem very simple minded and I'm not looking for drama. I'm dealing with enough at this point I don't need some jerk with a hair up his ass trying to bring me down. If you think its OK to cheat on a woman you claim to love and cherish then some things wrong with you. And I'm am needy. IM PREGNANT. You sound like someone that has had your heart broken before and now blame the entire population of women! Sorry you feel that way!!

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    • You sound like a pathetic moron. And I'm actually quite intelligent. You however seem to be lacking any real morals or drive for happiness. You're miserable! And I'm done here!!

    • of course you are done here cause you know i am right and its only a matter of time before you accept the reality of the world

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  • You have been wronged. Greatly wronged in so many different layers. It is okay for you to take the time to be upset, cry, be angry, and be emotional. Be real with yourself about the heartache you are experiencing but also be gracious and patient with yourself. In this world we live in, it takes balls to be a woman. : ) It requires mass amounts of courage to function in our society as a woman who's heartache can spill over into the lives of our children. You have got to have the courage to love yourself despite the lack of love he showed for you. Find the courage and graciousness in yourself to love yourself enough to not let his disgusting, sleazy, wrongful, unfair mess harm your emotional or mental future. You're gonna have to have the courage to move forward without retracing your steps or getting stuck in reverse. YOU ARE THE PRIORITY HERE: NOT HIS GUILT TRIP. Your healing, happiness, and future should be the primary focus not this waste of a man.

    If he has a moral compass or even the slightest ounce of nobility then sooner or later, he will never be able to evade the remorse that will be coming for him but don't wait around for that. This is going to be tough and you're going to have to be strong, but you really need to detach from him. Hold him accountable for the child inside of you that he made, but other than that know that there are much greater men out there who are waaaaay better behaved. You deserve better. Be grateful that his coworker took out the trash ; )
    Chin up, you are lovely.

    • Thank you. These kind words were very helpful. I am set on getting happy and healthier for the future of my children. He shall get whatever karma has coming for him.

    • You are so very welcome : )
      This is going to sting for a while, but just remember to be patient and gracious with yourself. He may not love you, but you need to love you and do what's best for you and your quality of happiness.

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  • No he probably won't feel remorse, because he is a jerk. Plan and simple as that.

    • And he'll probably keep getting other women pregnant and leave them.

    • You're probably right.

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  • I think he will feel remorse, if he hasn't already. But it's not going to make him change his act. It's also unhealthy to base a relationship on feelings of guilt, I hope for you instead, that you will find someone who truly loves you. All the best. I hope you grow stronger each day.


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