How do I forget him? (He was a big part of my life)?

So this is what happened:

how do I forget him and move on?


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  • You don't forget him: You accept that the realities you have here and now, right in this moment today is all that you have to work with. Accept that you can't change the circumstances that lead up to where you are now. They have become apart of your framework and all you can do is continue to build so what you need to do for yourself is build something solid and sturdy... something that is going to be worth admiring in your future. Someone you care for being absent can be so bittersweet but there's an art to embracing their absence. Be grateful that you were exposed to this guy's kindness, compassion, and helpfulness! : D You were one of the lucky people on this planet who got to experience such a great human being and that is something to feel joyous about even if it didn't last as long as you would have liked.

    Maybe one day, when you are an adult, you guys can rekindle your connection. But for now, what you need to do is accept this situation so that you can be familiar with happiness and peace.

  • You will eventually move on with TIME. It may take awhile but just get back on track with what you normally do. Surround yourself with friends and family, exercise, take a bath with lavender and chamomile to relieve stress. The best thing I can think of is getting out and joining clubs/volunteering. I don't think you can really forget someone who is or was once special to you, but you can get over someone. The worst thing you can do is stayed cooped up in your house and eat6ing a bunch of junk food. Just take a day or two to get out all your emotions and listen to this song : I Will Survive - Cake (not original version)


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