Does he deserve a second chance?

Im with this guy and its been 5 months almost, he was being incredibly sweet n faithful to me especially cause it took him an entire month to get my full trust, he treasured it. He said so many thinhs and i believed him but last night i saw this sexy girl on insta who seems more like a slut, he wrote comments on every pic of her from a month till now. During this time, me and him were very good together. I dont get how he can write things such as sexy and ' that ass' on a girl's pics when he's with me? And not only once, he did it on every pic she posted. I broke up with him but he's been crying lately asking for a chance and he swore he never thought about hooking up with her.. But the things he said on her pic make me feel so insecure, what should i do? Please help, should i accept trusting him again? He keeps claiming that instagram comments can't be considered as cheating, tho i believe cheating can be by the act of flirting itself, even if it was a simple comment. What do u guys think?


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  • He does not.


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  • It kinda depends..
    Like was it one of these 'insta famous' girls who has thousaaaaands of followers and comments like that on every picture?

    Or does he actually know the girl?


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