My boyfriend broke up with me but how can I fix this? please help?

For the past 3 years I been getting beat, choked and slammed by the same person. A year later Im ready to date and I'm still making my same mistake. I think every guy the same and want some from me. This what I'm use to. I didn't mean to have sex with him twice after a few weeks of dating. I'm broken down and this is what I'm use to. My ex told me I wasn't shit and nobody would like me. Before I met my ex I had morals after that relationship Im different. I spent so many days getting beat it was deadly to leave. please help me what can I say or do to make this up to him? I don't wanna lose him I don't want just sex from him. I'm use to getting did wrong 😞


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  • if a man is hitting you, or lay a single hand to a woman
    sorry to say, he's not worth any single thing called love from you
    it's considered a coward in my culture and religion if there's a man like that
    why do you want someone like that in your life
    move on find someone who really care and love you for the way you are

    • My ex did that not my current guy

    • okay... i don't understand the story, so you mean.. that youe ex is the one who hit you and you've found a new guy?
      and he want to break up with you, but still deadly?
      sorry i don't understand

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