I broke it off with him today. But was I too harsh? Am I wrong?

I broke it off with my this guy I'm dating today because he's always be upset with me over SOMETHING.

99% of the time it's over me not wanting to hang out everyday.
He asked to see me today and I told him I'd rather hang out tomorrow because I'm not feeling well and I'm tired (which is true). Besides, I see him almost everyday so who cares!

He got mad and HUNG UP on me. I called him back and told him that he's clearly overreacting and to calm down. I told him that he's extremely rude for hanging up on me over something so petty. (I've had this exhausting talk with him many times and usually he apologizes the next day.)

As usual the conversation was like pulling teeth, as I talked for about 30 mins while he just sat there refusing to speak. Whenever I would ask for a response, he would say "Whatever, I don't care, I don't want to talk about it."

I finally just said I can't deal with this childish behavior from him and if you don't care then why should I? And broke it off.

Was I too harsh?


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  • No, breaking up is harsh in the act itself. It was not harsh; it was straight to the point, and it was not dramatic.

    • Yeah I tried to make it as straight forward as possible. Thanks

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  • No you were not harsh at all he was acting stubborn and he had his chance to make things right and work it out but he chose to act childish and not answer and then hang up on you. You did the right thing, because you were not being treating right so that's his lose not yours best of luck k.

    • Thank you :)
      I guess you're right. I made the right choice

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