How to deal with when u find out a guy doesn't like you?

So I found out my crush doesn't like me And I just feel stupid now because I told him I liked him and was flirting and stuff. Now I feel like a idiot. So how do I deal with finding out he doesn't like me?


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  • There's no shame in your actions, plus he probably doesn't think so much about it anyway so don't worry about it.

    You may be heartbroken now, but try to accept it and move on. Time will aid you and you will find someone else you like soon enough.

    Also realise that when you're younger some guys are into girls later than girls into guys, so it may not even be a case of not liking you in that way!


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  • Life goes on, just because you told him you liked him doesn't mean you will like him forever. It is okay to feel disappointed, but know this, you will meet plenty of other guys you will like throughout your life. It is not the end of the world that one guy doesn't like you back. If he doesn't like you back, someone else will.


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  • You move on. Find a different guy. There is no reason that you should continue devoting your time and thoughts to a person that doesn't return your affection. Find someone who will. He is out there.


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